A week off

In which I can’t go walking in the New Forest

Well, it’s happened. I tested positive for COVID at the beginning of the week. I’m very grateful that I am only having mild symptoms. However, it does mean I haven’t been able to go walking in the boot- and pawsteps of Joan Begbie, Bill and Mr. Bundy in the New Forest, as I need to self-isolate for this week and into next. I’m so sorry not to be able to be able to take you all on one of Joan’s walks, but here instead are some photos from out and about in the Forest, to remind us all that spring is on the way.

Joan, the dogs and I will see you again soon!

6 thoughts on “A week off

  1. Carolyn Lambert

    So sorry to hear your news, but glad your symptoms are mild. I hope you get lots of nice reading done…and that you dont get too frustrated and restless. We left Scotland for a week in Norfolk..I’m reeling at some of the sights…. for instance… a red holy hock growing down a lovely little lane in Cley Next The Sea! They are months ahead of us! Get well soon!

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    1. Thanks, Carolyn – I hope you have been having a lovely time in Norfolk! It’s a wonderful place; I especially love the coastline, but haven’t been there for a while. I sometimes used to stay near Brancaster, many moons ago, and have fond memories of windswept, cold walks along those sweeping beaches!


  2. Hope you’ll feel better soon. Glad to hear you’ve only got mild symptoms. Your pictures have brought a little bit of spring into my Saturday morning. I’m particularly fond of orange tip butterflies. They are my indicator of spring, a sure sign of better things to come. Take care, Amanda.

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